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Block Q to be Paved

At the November BOC meeting, the Commissioners voted to select Wells Brothers Construction Co. for the Block Q paving project and instructed the Town Manager to complete the associated contract documents, including a Letter of Intent notifying Wells of the Town’s intent to enter into a contract.  Wells’ bid was $325,831.91.

Block Q is the vacant block of land near the bridge bordered by Jordan Blvd., South Shore Dr., Quinton St., and Brunswick Ave. East. The Town purchased it for $2,000,000.

The Commissioners also approved the Order to Close Carolina Avenue between Jordan Blvd. and Quinton St.  In addition, the Commissioners approved the appropriation of funds to cover the construction costs.

The approved plans for Block Q include paving for 15 boat parking spaces and 70 car parking spaces.  The plans also include infiltration basins due to the amount of impervious surface involved.  The plans do not include relocating the pavilion to the Block Q green space or the construction of planned bathrooms.

Click here for a copy of the plans: Block Q Plans

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