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Representing the property owners of Holden Beach, NC

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We know it is hard to stay in touch if you don’t live at the beach. If you have a question we can help direct you to the right source. If you would like to have us speak on your behalf at a Commissioners’ Meeting or have a question you would like asked send us an email. We love to hear from our members!


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Supply, NC 28462


You can find the contact information for our Board of Directors on the About page.



  1. Can you tell me the status of the update to the FEMA flood maps? I ready through some meeting notes but did have any luck finding the answers. Why the 12-month delay in approval? This is costing us thousands. How can we expedite this? I’d be happy to get involved.
    Mike Beahn
    143 OBE

  2. I would like to pay my dues for 2018. Please e-mail me and tell me the best way to do that. Thank you.

  3. I would like to pay my dues for 2018. Please e-mail me and tell me the best way to do that. Thank you.

  4. HBPOA represents all property owners on Holden Beach. For specific covenant restrictions you would need to contact the developer or your Realtor.

  5. I find it hard to believe that the bridge renovations are just now getting started, at the beginning of the rental season! why not have started right after the end of last season??

  6. Hello,

    I have not received an update regarding measures you’re taking to combat the Coronavirus pandemic. I’m extremely concerned about the novel virus and hope to hear that you’re following all recent guidelines and taking every precaution to protect our community.

    My biggest concern is that countless young people are not taking COVID-19 seriously. I think the only way to combat this ‘whatever attitude’ is by sharing as much information as possible.

    Please consider adding an alert banner with a link to the WHO’s coronavirus page (https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019). More importantly, please consider copy & pasting this Creative Commons 4.0 (free to re-publish) article to your site (https://covidblog.info).

    Without strict measures and an educated community, the virus will increase exponentially throughout the global population, as it’s already doing!

    Stay safe,

    • I too am very concerned as to Holden Beach’s position as it relates to COVID-19. What’s rather disturbing is the realty brokers and landlords from the area focused only on lining their pockets with $$$ and not taking the proper measures to protect the local residents.

      Holden Beach Vacations and Realty, as well as the landlord of 655W Ocean Blvd., Mr. Ron Powell, have taken the stance of not permitting families from out of state to alter their vacation plans or even cancel for a refund. They’d rather force these families to travel to Holden Beach and bring with them possible cross contamination of COVID-19 from their area. This unethical business practice intentionally puts a lot of people in harms way and no way follows our civic responsibility in trying to slow down this pandemic.

      All residents of Holden Beach should be very concerned as to this situation and should call upon local government to intervene to help further isolate and protect the residents of Holden Beach.

      Hopefully the actions of Holden Beach Vacations and Realty do not represent the majority within this town.

      Thank you.

      Bryan Paulozzi

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