Holden Beach Property Owners Association

Representing the property owners of Holden Beach, NC

December Commissioners’ Meeting

Board of Commissioners’ Meeting Follow-Up

December 2023

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Commissioner Murdock was not in attendance.





1.    Invocation

2.    Call to Order/ Welcome

3.    Pledge of Allegiance

4.    Agenda Approval Approved

5.    Approval of Minutes Approved
.     Minutes of the Regular Meeting of November 21, 20236.

6.  Public Comments on Agenda Items
·      A speaker discussed how he has recently come to the area.
·      Maria Surprise read her comments and congratulated the new commissioners.
·      Mike Felmly spoke on item #16 the pier bids and encouraged the Board not to act on it.
·      A speaker discussed how the pier is important to the greater community.
·      Mr. Pearce spoke in favor of accepting the pier bids and discussed a new organization with a goal of putting a heritage museum at the pier.
·      Jim Bauer spoke on the lack of information and clarity on the pier plans.
·      Mr. Kimbrough spoke on the lack of a vision for the end-state of the pier and that it needs to be determined prior to moving ahead.

7.    Presentation of Plaque to the Outgoing Board of Commissioners by Town Manager Hewett

8.    Presentation of Plaques to Commissioners Murdock and Arnold of the Outgoing Board of Commissioners by Mayor Holden   A plaque was presented to Commissioner Arnold.

9.    Board of Commissioners’ Comments Commissioner Smith thanked Commissioners Arnold and Murdock for their service and remembered Commissioner Brown.  Commissioner Dyer also thanked Commissioners Arnold and Murdock for their service and remembered Commissioner Brown.  Commissioner Arnold said he appreciated the kind words and the plaque and thanked everyone.  

10. Judge Gerald Arnold will Present the Oath of Office to the Incoming Board of Commissioners
a.     Mayor                             J. Alan Holden
b.     Commissioners             Tom Myers, Tracey Thomas, Page Dyer and Rick Paarfus

11. Election of Mayor Pro Tempore – Town Clerk Finnell Commissioner Tom Myers was elected Mayor Pro Tem.

12. Discussion and Possible Approval of 2024 Board of Commissioners’ Meeting Schedule – Town Clerk Finnell Commissioner Dyer asked that the January meeting be moved to January 23, with that exception the schedule was approved for the third Tuesday of each month at 5:00pm.

13. Discussion and Possible Direction on Rules of Procedure for the Board of Commissioners – Town Clerk Finnell Commissioner Thomas asked for a special meeting to approve the Rules of Procedures.  Clerk Finnell will check with the other Commissioners for a date and Commissioner Thomas will send her the agenda items.

14. Police Report – Chief Dixon  It is a slow time for the department.  Commissioner Myers asked about the armed robbery and a robbery in progress.  Chief Dixon explained it was probably coded wrong.  He later stated it was actually at the Food Lion, dispatched by the County.

15. Inspections Department Report – Inspections Director Evans Department continues to be busy with construction and remodels.

16. Discussion and Possible Action on Bids Received for the Holden Beach Pier Project – Assistant Town Manager Ferguson After copious discussion, motion passed 3-2 to develop a master plan for the property before re-bidding, with Myers, Paarfus and Thomas voting yea.

17. Discussion and Possible Action on Fourth Amendment to Solid Waste & Recyclables Collection, Transportation and Disposal Agreement between the Town and GFL Environmental – Public Works Director Clemmons  Passed unanimously.

18. Public Comments on General Items

·      A speaker commented on how the island is part of the greater community, and the community members should be considered.
·      Jim Bauer encouraged better audio video for meetings.
·      Mike Felmly spoke on the PARTF grant the Town accepted for the pier and the requirement to put recreational facilities in within five years.
·      Ann Paarfus asked that the plan for the pier be publicized.
·      Rebecca Thompson discussed the tires on the beach strand and welcomed the new members.
·      Brent Shaver encouraged the Commissioners to stop using “old Board” and “new Board” but view themselves as The Board.
·      Regina Martin encouraged the Commissioners to get bids for the pier and the three new members to resign from HBPOA.

19.   Town Manager’s Report   The Block Q contract has not been signed yet.  NC Wildlife will meet with the Town on Wednesday to discuss the Boat Ramp.  Representative Rouzer reported that we were still awarded the $2.7M for the sewer project and he is following up with the State about the remaining $2M.  The Department of Marine Fisheries removed all the tires from the beach.  If additional tires wash up, call Town Hall to have them removed.  The modular restroom at the pier will be winterized soon and porta-potties will be available.

20.  Mayor’s Comments Encouraged everyone to enjoy the refreshments and commented on the storm impact on water levels at the Halstead Park pier.

21.  Board of Commissioners’ Comments Commissioner Smith thanked the staff and is worried about the Team.  Commissioner Thomas thanked the outgoing commissioners for their service and wished everyone happy holidays.  Commissioner Myers stated he is honored to serve and intends to do his best and wished everyone a Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Commissioner Paarfus commented that this is your Board and they need to hear from you.  He hopes the Board can work together.  Commissioner Dyer thanked the staff and wished everyone happy holidays.

22. Adjournment








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