Holden Beach Property Owners Association

Representing the property owners of Holden Beach, NC


The Holden Beach Property Owners Association is a voluntary organization whose mission is to represent the property owners of Holden Beach as a unified voice regarding issues that affect their common interests and concerns.    We are not like other property owners’ associations in that we don’t enforce covenants and restrictions; we only advocate for the interests of property owners as a whole.

The Holden Beach Property Owners Association was founded in May 1973 as an N.C. non-profit organization to advocate for Holden Beach property owners.  The role is to be an active liaison with town government, provide awareness of new laws and developments, and watch over issues that affect the members.

Our organization has benefited from a good relationship with the Town.  The Mayor, Town Manager, and Police Chief give presentations at each meeting and answer questions from the audience – which keeps our members informed about current topics and allows them to provide direct feedback to Town leadership.  Our meetings are scheduled for Labor Day, the weekend prior to Thanksgiving, Easter, and Memorial Day weekends – when non-resident property owners are most likely to be here.  We also communicate with our members on a regular basis via our website, newsletters, and emails.

Membership is open to any person, couple, partnership, corporation, or other legal entity, holding real property within the Town of Holden Beach.


Articles of Incorporation

 Officers and Board of Directors


President                  Tom Myers

Vice President         Tracey Thomas

Secretary                  Sally Caldwell

Treasurer                 John Witten

Board Member        Beverly Compton

Board Member        Peter Freer

Board Member        Jeff Jancula

Board Member        Steve Kimbrough

Board Member        Rick Paarfus

Board Member        Mike Pearson

Board Member        Annette Smith

Board Member        Pam Whitfield


You can email us at [email protected]