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We are following many topics of interest to Holden Beach property owners.  Use the drop-down menu under Hot Topics to view each issue or the links to the pages below.  You may comment on the issues at the bottom of each page.

We will continue to update the latest news on these topics as it becomes available.  If you spot something you think we should be aware of please send us a link at HBPOA@hotmail.com!

Archived Topics

Beach Nourishment

Flood Maps and Flood Insurance


Oil and Gas Drilling

Sewer System Design

Trash and Solid Waste

Wind Energy

Zeke’s Island and “The Rocks’


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  1. I own 4 properties on Holden Beach. Add up all the taxes, telephone, insurance, water, elec, etc etc etc = losing money. One of my properties the Real Estate company made more money than I did. One of these days I will get my stuff sold and will have the party of the century to celebrate leaving the community. I feel sorry for those who invest here and think they will be treated fairly. The only ones benefiting are the Police and the cronies running the town.

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