Holden Beach Property Owners Association

Representing the property owners of Holden Beach, NC


2023 Survey

The 2023 Survey will be conducted after the November election.  Have an issue you would like to see included in the survey?   Just send us an email at [email protected]

2021 Survey Results

The results of the 2021 HBPOA Survey are linked below.  The survey remained open for one month, during which time 768 people participated, the largest response we have ever had.  Most of the survey questions gave an opportunity for comments or open-ended responses.  The Final Report contains all the charts, comments, and open-ended responses and is 179 pages long.  Because of the length of the document we also created a shorter version.  The “charts only” version contains only the key charts.   Click here for the PDF of the Charts Only version.  Click here to see the full report with comments.

We appreciate the time and effort you spent in providing opinions regarding critical Town issues.  The survey results will be forwarded to the Town Commissioners and Mayor.  We sincerely hope they give your input serious consideration as they make decisions on these issues.

Survey Tool and Approach

Survey Monkey was selected as the opinion software based on its reputation and the ability to create totally anonymous surveys.  To help ensure the integrity of the survey, the link to take the survey was protected behind a password.  An HBPOA postcard with the password was mailed via USPS to ALL property owners.  In addition, an email with the link was sent to all property owners for which we have an email address.  The goal was to hear from ALL Holden Beach property owners, not only our members.  It was also to limit, as much as possible,  participation by people who do not own property on the island.

Survey Method

We used a 5-point Likert scale for most of our answer options.  Likert scales are one of the most reliable ways to measure opinions, perceptions, and behaviors without bias. Given this method and the statistically significant number of participants relative to property owners on the island (i.e., the population sample size), the confidence level of the survey results is 95% with a plus-or-minus 3% margin of error.  The confidence level indicates how much you can expect the survey results to reflect the view of the overall population.