Holden Beach Property Owners Association

Representing the property owners of Holden Beach, NC

Commissioners Monthly Meeting – July 2023

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Commissioner Arnold was not in attendance.

PUBLIC HEARING: Ordinance 23-12, An Ordinance Amending the Holden Beach Code of Ordinances, Chapter 157: Zoning Code (Lot Coverage) Building inspector Evans gave a presentation on the issue.  Click here for his presentation.


1.    Invocation

2.    Call to Order/ Welcome

3.    Pledge of Allegiance

4.    Agenda Approval Passed unanimously.

5.    Approval of Minutes Passed unanimously.

a.     Minutes of the Public Hearing/Special Meeting of June 15, 2023
b.     Minutes of the Regular Meeting of June 20, 20236.

6.    Public Comments on Agenda Items
Jim Bauer – concerned about the water runoff from the bike lanes.
Rick Paarfus – concerned about the definition of impermeable insulation and ASTM standards for impermeable insulation also asked that prior to the public hearing for the Waterfront Access Grant for Block Q that the encumbrances and restrictions be made public.

7.    Police Report – Chief Dixon Discussed the traffic citations.  Of the warnings, some of those were immediately addressed to become compliant.  Trying to educate and get people into compliance.

8.    Inspections Department Report – Inspections Director Evans Department is very busy.  Is starting to use automated portal, should be effective in October.  The Town’s plans for restrooms and an ADA walkway beside Amazing Grace is on hold for now pending CAMA approval.  The CAMA permit at the handicap lot at 114 OBE is posted.  Work continues on the access at 801 OBW.  The Town is planning an ADA walkway and emergency vehicle access. Work is ongoing on Jordan Blvd. ADA parking. Work at Halstead Park is almost complete.  Construction of the ADA walkway at 915 OBW should start this week.  Permits for the rebuilt portion of the Pier structure are eminent – expected by the end of the week.  Work on the portion of the existing pier that will remain is ready to be started.  He has been working on the annual CRS re-evaluation which gives us a reduction in insurance rates.  He has sent in the information for recertification.  If not done by Aug 1 we lose the 15% reduction in insurance rates. 

9.    Discussion and Possible Action on Ordinance 23-12, An Ordinance Amending Holden Beach Code of Ordinances, Chapter 157: Zoning Code (Lot Coverage) – Inspections Director Evans Statement of Consistency Ordinance change and P&Z’s Statement of Consistency approved unanimously.

10. Update on Proposed Changes to Holden Beach Code of Ordinances, Section 157.025 Bulkheads on Lots – Inspections Director Evans P&Z created a committee to look at issue.  The issue will need to go back to P&Z as they cannot form committees.  The Commissioners decided by consensus not to send back to P&Z, the issue has been resolved.  The identified dock that caused the issue is being remediated.  Other docks were identified as not in compliance and will be addressed.

11. Discussion and Possible Action on Holden Beach Code of Ordinances, Section 157: Zoning Code (Accessory Uses) – Mayor Holden Docks (an accessory structure) are not allowed until the house is built.  Recent changes in the state law made piers and docks as accessory structure.  By consensus, the Commissioners asked Inspector Evans to bring an ordinance revision back to them.

12. Discussion and Possible Scheduling of a Date to Hold a Public Hearing for the 2023 – 2024 Public Beach and Waterfront Access Grant (Block Q) – Assistant Town Manager Ferguson Set the Public Hearing for 5:00 PM at the next Regular Meeting, August 15.

13. Sewer Lift Station 2/EPA Grant Update – Assistant Town Manager Ferguson Click here for presentation slides.  Waiting on a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) determination/review.  It must be decided tonight whether to forgo the $2.7M grant or wait another year for the lift station reconstruction to start.  The Town’s budget was based on getting the $2.7M earmarked federal grant funds.  The borrowing calendar will not mesh with the Legislative Government Committee (LGC) loan approval schedule.  After discussion and input from the staff and public Commissioner Murdock made a motion to self-fund the system now with Option 2 (borrow $2M and use $$1.34M cash).   The $2.7M federal funds would be forfeited.  Construction could start this October.  Passed unanimously.  The Town Manager made clear that this schedule is very compressed and there are numerous chances for it not to work out. 

14. Discussion and Possible Selection of Members to Serve on Town Boards – Town Clerk Finnell Eligible members of the Parks and Rec Board and the Board of Adjustment were approved to serve again.  For Planning and Zoning Aldo Rovito was moved to a regular member and Ashley Royal and Mark Francis will serve as alternates.  Click here to view the applications and resumes.  

15. Promotional Video for Dogs on the Beach – Assistant Town Manager Ferguson The video was debuted about pet safety on the beach and will be posted to the Town’s social media channels.  Click here to view the video.  

16. Public Comments on General Items

Rick McInturff – suggested we contact our lobbyists about why we are turning down the earmarks. 

17. Town Manager’s Report Budget to actual –  Gave a presentation on the Town’s finances for last quarter, end of year.  Click for presentation slides. 

18. Mayor’s Comments Commissioner Arnold is not here, is at a funeral.  Sign ups until Friday for elections.  Appreciates all who volunteered for Boards.  Summer is going well.  

19. Board of Commissioners’ Comments

Commissioner Smith – Being a Commissioner is a hard job, golf cart safety is improving, he is happy with the results regarding the pier heads, staff is doing a great job on the ADA work, 796 OBW is looking good and he wants to rent it.

Commissioner Murdock – thanks to staff and citizens, being a commissioner is hard.

Commissioner Dyer – We had an emergency we needed to deal with, so some projects may need to be pushed back. 

20. Adjournment

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