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Pier Underwater Due Diligence Report Completed

Taken from MidAtlantic Underwater Inspection Report May 2022.

MidAtlantic Engineering Partners released their report on the pier underwater inspection.  The inspection identified 91 piles with minor defects, 12 piles with moderate defects, 2 piles with major defects, and 14 piles with severe defects.  MidAtlantic estimated the recommended repairs to cost $116,000 including the performance of a pier-wide structural analysis for $32,000.

At their Special Meeting on May 20th, the Town confirmed the $116,000 cost was in addition to the $500,000 to $750,000 in repair costs identified in the above-water pier due diligence inspection performed by ATM last year.

Click here for the Underwater Inspection ReportClick here for the above water due diligence report.

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