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Inlet Hazard Area Update

Proposed Inlet Hazard Area on West End.

The Coastal Resources Commission’s (CRC) plans to make changes to the Inlet Hazard Area rules and boundaries are “temporarily on hold” until the Commission can meet in-person.  Their meetings are currently being conducted via Webex due to Covid-19.  According to an email from Ken Richardson, a staff member from the Division of Coastal Management, the topic won’t be addressed until “September or December – or maybe even later”.

The CRC met June 10-11 and the proposed changes to the Inlet Hazard Areas status were discussed.  Comments and feedback received are being compiled and analyzed.  Technical comments are being sent to the Science Panel.  The Science Panel has been instructed to provide feedback and potential changes for the CRC’s September 9-10, 2020 meeting.

More information on the proposed changes to the Inlet Hazard Areas can be found here.

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