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Trash Changes


Last Tuesday, the Board of Commissioners passed the new solid waste ordinance by a vote of 4-1 (Freer: No; Kwiatkowski, Sullivan, Fletcher, Butler: Yes).  The revised ordinance no longer contains criminal penalties, but does still contain the following items that will affect all property owners:

  • Trash containers must be street-side no earlier than 6:00 PM the evening before collection during the summer rental season, and no earlier than 48 hours before collection during the rest of the year
  • All containers must be returned by 6:00 PM the day after collection
  • The penalty is $50 per day
  • For properties needing three or more containers (i.e., rental houses with five or more bedrooms) a recycling container can substitute for one of the trash containers
  • The ordinance was effective the day after the meeting (i.e., last Wednesday)

Click here to view the new Solid Waste Ordinance 18-16Click here to view the HBPOA statement made at the beginning of the meeting prior to the vote.

The Town plans to make arrangements for island-wide rollback services, but nothing new is currently in place.  We assume that the rollback services are still in place for Ocean Blvd.

We will keep you informed of any new developments.  We recommend you contact the commissioners directly regarding any questions or concerns.


  1. Regarding the rollback/roll-out service still being worked … Homeowners who live on the island and therefore can manage their own rollback, should not have to pay for rollback for those houses that require the rollback service because folks are not present when the rollback is required (i.e. the large majority being rental properties from which rental income is being generated). These folks should select the option just as we do for recycling … which we do and are happy to pay for.

    • Dean I beg to differ. My home is not a rental nor is it my permanent home. I should not have to pay simply because my departure/arrival time doesn’t correspond with trash pickup. I certainly understand why some don’t want containers sitting by the edge of the road for extended times. I’m very fortunate to have an extremely thoughtful neighbor who lives there year round and he carries my container back to my house for me. But I can’t expect him to pull it out to the road as well if I decide to leave sooner than 48 hours before pickup. I suspect this is a result of the foul smelling trash that is piled high by rentals. If I’m correct, I suggest the ordinance be refined and directed as such. I know seasonal rentals bring good business to the area but they also create most of the problems. Make the landlords pay the freight rather than increasing single family homeowner burdens.

  2. Tom:
    I appreciate the letter you wrote and presented to the council. Thank you.

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