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Board of Commissioners’ Meeting Agenda December 2018


The Town of Holden Beach Board of Commissioners will meet Tuesday, December 18 for a Special Meeting at 10:00 AM and hold their regular monthly meeting at 7:00 PM.

The Special Meeting is about changes to how Solid Waste (trash and recyclables) are handled and how to charge for roll-outs and roll-backs. Click here for the Special Meeting Packet

HBPOA strongly encourages our members to read the proposed ordinance and Roll-back information included in the Special Meeting Packet and determine how these changes would apply to your situation.  Note that there would be fines for rolling your cans out early or not rolling back in a timely manner.  The current trash can roll-back along Ocean Boulevard is being eliminated and may be replaced with a new service, though that is still under discussion as is how to pay for the service.  Other changes are also proposed.

Highlights at the evening regular meeting include a possible vote on the changes to the Solid Waste ordinance and implementing new roll -out and -back fees for trash cans, as well as hiring a lobbyist, and discussing the Lockwood Folly dredging issues.   Click here for the meeting packet.

HBPOA will be at both meetings and an update of the changes will be included in the monthly Commissioners Meeting Summary.  If you have questions or comments about the ordinance you may contact HBPOA at HBPOA@hotmail.com or the Commissioners by clicking here:  Commissioner Contact Information


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