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800 Block Parking

We have received questions about agenda item #11 from the BOC meeting last Tuesday,  January 18.  The item concerned converting the Town-owned property in the 700/800 block into paid parking lots ASAP.   The attached picture shows the parcels owned by the Town in the 700/800 block that have been proposed for paid parking lots.  The number of proposed spots has varied.

The commissioners tabled the parking discussion and voted to have a Special Meeting to discuss Paid Parking, Wednesday, January 26 at 2:00.  However, they did vote to determine where parking is viable along the marshes.  They directed the Town Manager to have an engineer proceed with delineating the marsh areas with the appropriate agencies to determine where bulkheading could go in order to get a cost estimate for converting the property to parking.

Since Paid Parking areas have not been determined yet this could all change! 

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