Holden Beach Property Owners Association

Representing the property owners of Holden Beach, NC

June Board of Commissioners’ Meeting

The Town of Holden Beach Board of Commissioners will meet Tuesday, June 15, for their regular monthly meeting and a Public Hearing to adopt changes required by NC General Statutes Chapter 160D.  Other meeting Meeting highlights include possible 2021-2022 Budget Approval.  If approved, ad valorem taxes will stay the same.  Also on the agenda is approval for issuance of $46,000,000 of bonds for “bridge financing” for the FEMA renourishment project, elimination of the Beach and Inlet Protection Board, discussion and possible action regarding right-of-way parking, and a directive to the Parking Committee regarding tasks to determine if and where more parking is needed and implementation of paid parking.  Also on the agenda again is the Town discussing purchasing the pier properties.   Click here for the agenda and meeting packet.


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