Holden Beach Property Owners Association

Representing the property owners of Holden Beach, NC

Holden Beach Pier Purchase

The Town is planning to purchase the pier properties shown below:

The pier is special to many people and has been an icon on the island for a very long time.  The implications of the Town taking control of the pier are very significant to property owners and other stakeholders.  There are numerous factors that should be considered.

A public hearing is scheduled for July 8th at 7:00PM at Town Hall.  Since many property owners may not be aware of these plans or able to attend the public hearing, now is your opportunity to play a role in determining the future of the pier by communicating your opinions to the Town Commissioners before July 8th.  Their contact information is:

·       Patty Kwiatkowski: pattykwi@gmail.com
·       Michael Sullivan: sullivm4@gmail.com
·       Brian Murdock: vccbrian@atmc.net
·       Gerald Brown: geraldbrowngb365@gmail.com
·       Rick Smith: rsmith9431@gmail.com
·       Alan Holden: alan@alanholdenrealty.com

Please include Heather Finnell if you would like your comments to be included in the public record: heather@hbtownhall.com.

If you would like to remain anonymous, you can send your comments to the HBPOA at hbpoa@hotmail.com and we will make sure they are communicated to the Commissioners.

Some of the key questions that have been raised but not yet addressed include:

  • What are the Town’s plans for this property?
    • Use it for public parking?
    • Run it as a pier and charge for access?  Will property owners be charged the same amount as visitors?
    • Lease it out to a private business such as a restaurant?
  • Is the pier and building up to code for its intended use?
    • How much investment will be required to make it compliant?
    • What repairs are needed to make it safe?
  • How will the purchase and other expenses be covered?
    • Will the Town take out a new loan?  If so, will this loan impact our borrowing capacity for other items (e.g., FEMA project, sewer system upgrades)
    • Will property taxes be increased or a special assessment levied?
    • What are the expected ongoing operating and maintenance costs (including insurance coverage)?
  • Is it anticipated the property will generate revenue to help pay for itself?
    • Where will the revenue come from (i.e., paid parking, usage fees, lease payments)?
    • How much is expected per year?
    • What is the expected return on investment (i.e., how many years to pay off the purchase price)?


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