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Parking On the Island

The Town’s Parking Committee meeting scheduled for April 2nd was canceled.  Parking Committee Chair, Commissioner Brian Murdock, has indicated that Parking will be on the Commissioner’s agenda for their regular meeting on April 20th. The Commissioners met on April 2nd and April 5th in Executive Session to discuss two of the eight parcels at the Pier.  The parcels under discussion are the farthest west parcel where the Emergency Access Road is located and the parcel farthest east where the old hotel was taken down.  No action was taken.  Based on the location of the parcels some have speculated that this would be for beach access for homeowners in the canals across OBW from the pier.  The parcels under discussion do not include the pier structure or the building.

In related news, another area town implemented paid parking this weekend.  Surf City will have paid parking from April through October from 9am – 5pm.  The cost will be $3/hr and $20/day, with an option to buy a seasonal pass for $250.  For more information about the parking issue visit our Hot Topics page on Parking.

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