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Updated Hot Topic: Trash

Commissioners Pat Kwiatkowski and Mike Sullivan have noted that trash cans sitting on the sides of the road are unsightly, present a safety hazard by blocking drivers’ line of sight, and the cans/corrals near the roadways are smelly for bikers and walkers. The Commissioners are proposing to re-adopt the 2018 ordinance which was passed and then substantially modified after significant concerns were received about the implementation.

The concerns about the ordinance remain the same:

  • Removal/moving of trash corrals;
  • Timing (with $50/day penalties) for rolling your trash cans out and back;
  • Rolling back full trash cans that missed the pickup;
  • No viable solutions to help property owners comply.

We have updated our Hot Topic page to include these latest developments along with the background information from 2018 and 2019.  Click here: https://holdenbeachpoa.com/hot-topics/trash-and-solid-waste/

The proposed ordinance has been discussed at the last two monthly Commissioners meetings and is expected to be on the March 16 meeting agenda for discussion and possible approval.


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