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Flood Map Delays


HBPOA Board Member Mike Sullivan continues to pursue the delayed flood map issue.  Implementation of the new maps should save property owners thousands each year.  He has been in contact with Rep. David Rouzer’s office and received the following response back to his inquiry:

Hi Michael,

The last time I checked they had pushed the Effective Date back again until May of 2018.  I am sure this will be disappointing news – it is a cause of distress for me as well, as my parents who live in District 7 will also be affected by the delay.  

I have since contacted the Government Affairs team at FEMA to determine which counties are affected by this change (at this time I understand it to be Brunswick and New Hanover) and why FEMA won’t split the county and release the final maps for localities and townships that are not involved in the appeals process.  

The Congressman and I also spoke with Representative Sean Duffy, who serves as Chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Housing and Finance.  Congressman Duffy assured us he and his team would also press FEMA on this matter, which may yield better results, since he chairs the committee of jurisdiction for this issue.  

This is a problem that has negatively impacted many of our constituents, and it is something we will continue to pursue.  The Congressman is aware of the issue and working to get this resolved.  I understand that for the most part, many people have been left in the dark on when past changes to the plan were made – I would be happy to keep y’all informed with any new updates we receive.  Please feel free to contact me here in the DC office or by email with further questions.

Miss Perry Chappell

Legislative Assistant

Rep. David Rouzer, NC-7

424 Cannon HOB

(202) 225-2731

How to Help

Our Congressmen need to hear from you!

HBPOA encourages everyone to contact their Federal, State and County elected officials. We have drafted sample letters which you can edit and use, but individual calls and letters are sometimes more effective than form letters.  The letters are for the Congressmen representing Holden Beach.  If you are not a full-time resident you can find your elected representatives here.

Click below for the letters:

Congressman David Rouzer

Senator Thom Tillis

Senator Richard Burr

Check Your Property’s Flood Map Changes

You can check to see what the new flood maps for your property will be by clicking here.  Zoom in to your property and you can determine what your current designation is.  Click on your home and get all the details on the right side of your screen.  Use the drop-down menu in the top right corner to change from Effective to Preliminary.  This is what your new flood rating will be.  Again, click your home to see the changes.  Many properties go from a VE designation to AE – which will significantly lower insurance premiums.  Most properties also have a lower Base Flood Elevation (BFE) which will also lower premiums.


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