Holden Beach Property Owners Association

Representing the property owners of Holden Beach, NC

Groin Information Session

Holden Beach Terminal Groin Public Information Session

Friday April 29, 2016

Holden Beach Chapel by the Sea

6:30 p.m. – 9:00.p.m.


Agenda Summary

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Mike Giles, Coastal Advocate, North Carolina Coastal Federation, welcomed everyone and provided an overview of the session

Tom Myers, President, Holden Beach Property Owners Association, provided background information about the session and documents available regarding beach nourishment and the terminal groin

Lockwood Folly Inlet Geology-Consequences of a Terminal Groin

Dr. Stan Riggs, Coastal Geologist, Department of Geology, East Carolina University, discussed the “big picture” view of our coast, how it is shaped by storms, how the location of sand deposits and water flows through inlets effect beach erosion, and the potential consequences of the terminal groin



Fiscal Impacts of a Terminal Groin at Holden Beach and Lockwood Folly Inlet

Introduction: Dr. Doug Wakeman, Professor of Economics, Meredith College

Andy Coburn, Associate Director, Program for Developed Shorelines, Western Carolina University, discussed how property values are a poor measure for project value (since the benefits fall to the property owner), how tax revenue generated is a better measure, and the potential financial impacts for the terminal groin.

Holden Beach Draft Environmental Impact Statement-An Analysis

Geoff Gisler, Senior Attorney, Chapel Hill Office of the Southern Environmental Law Center, provided an overview of the draft Environmental Impact Statement and discussed his concerns about the modeling and findings.


Questions & Wrap-Up

The participants answered questions from the audience regarding the materials discussed.   Since there was no presentation, the final slide was up during the duration of the question period.