Holden Beach Property Owners Association

Representing the property owners of Holden Beach, NC

Liaison Committee


This committee is the HBPOA’s link to the Town. HBPOA has developed a positive, productive relationship with Town leaders and Staff.  Members of the committee attend each meeting of the Board of Commissioners and report back via email to the membership about what occurred.

In addition, the Committee also works on special projects such as:

Member Focus Forums: Watch for information on issues such as beach renourishment, terminal groins, and other timely issues.

Safety: This project arose after questions from Members about the safety of crossing Ocean Blvd.  The committee is surveyed each public beach access way and evaluated sight lines, striping, signage and other factors and reported recommendations back to the Town.  Crossing Ocean Blvd. can be intimidating, but the safety of residents and visitors is paramount!

Crime Statistics: We know that Holden Beach is very safe, quiet small town.  However, several online crime reporting websites would have you believe otherwise!  The committee is working to help identify and resolve the reporting discrepancies.


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  1. Here’s an item that has been bothering me……I am a property owner (do not rent) since 2009. I am unable to have a residential , not temporary NC Saltwater Fishing License to enjoy my property because I do not have a NC Drivers License. Simply because I pay NC County and City taxes I believe that this should be an added benefit to the purchase of property in the state.

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