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January Commissioners’ Meeting

Board of Commissioners’ Meeting Follow Up – January 2024




JANUARY 23, 2024 – 5:00 P.M.

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Available candidates for the Audit Committee were interviewed at the Special Meeting preceding the regular meeting.

1.    Invocation

2.    Call to Order/ Welcome

3.    Pledge of Allegiance

4.    Agenda Approval Swapped items #14 and #15.  Clarification on #10 to strike “Hatteras Ramp and” since the ramp is not included in the bids.  Approved as amended.
5.    Conflict of Interest Check No conflicts recorded.  Mayor Holden read the resignation letter of the Town Attorney Richard Green.
6.    Approval of Minutes The Minutes were approved unanimously.
a.    Minutes of the Regular Meeting of December 19, 2023

b.     Minutes of the Special Meeting of January 5, 2023

7.    Public Comments on Agenda Items
·      Will Carter – would like to build a new pier and not spend money repairing the current one.
·      Steve Kimbrough – does not want to go out for bid again on the pier without a committee or public input session on the pier.
·      Gina Martin – wants to get a new bid on the pier and get it open because it is detrimental to our economy.  Does not favor waiting.
·      Sylvia Pate – wants to rebid pier and supports a pier committee.  She supports sending Block Q to the Parks and Rec.  Would like an economic impact study for projects.
·      Jim Bauer – likes idea of public input sessions.   He is concerned about the Lift Station and considers it a higher priority than other items.
·      David Bennett – wants to open the pier, whether new or repaired.
·      John Pierce – Speaking on behalf of the Holden Beach Community Alliance which is ready to work with the Town to answer the question of if we will have a pier or not.
·      Ryan Williams – wants boat parking on Block Q.
·      Phil Caldwell – would like a new pier for all the community.
·      Lyn Holden – HB residents shouldn’t pay for the pier alone.  The County needs to step up along with the State and others.

8.    Police Report – Chief Dixon  Not a lot to report.  Scams are going around, be aware.  Regarding water issues, call Town Hall during the day and 911 after hours.

9.    Inspections Department Report – Inspections Director Evans Not much has changed.  The department remains busy.

10. Discussion and Possible Scheduling of a Public Hearing on Proposed Changes to Holden Beach Code of Ordinances §157.083 Accessory Structures and §157.006 Definitions – Inspections Director Evans  Scheduled Public Hearing for 5:00 PM prior to the next regular meeting, February 20.

11. Discussion and Possible Approval of Special Meeting Dates – Town Clerk Finnell Meeting schedule approved 3-2 with Smith and Dyer voting No.

12. Discussion and Possible Action on Awarding a Bid for Hatteras Ramp and Walkway at 441 Ocean Boulevard West – Assistant Town Manager Ferguson Motion to award contract to lowest bidder.  Passed 4-1 with Smith voting No.
13. Holden Beach Pier Project

a.     Discussion and Possible Direction to Staff to Engage in Value Engineering to Reduce
Scope of Work on Pier and Rebid the Project – Commissioners Smith & Dyer Motion Failed 2-3 with Smith and Dyer voting Yes.
b.     Discussion and Possible Action on a Public Input Session for the Pier Property – Mayor Pro Tem Myers and Commissioner Thomas Motion to schedule a public input session passed unanimously.  Tentatively scheduled for February 29 at 5:00 PM. 

14. Discussion and Possible Action on Block Q – Mayor Pro Tem Myers and Commissioner Thomas Motion to send Block Q Project to Parks and Rec Board for input.  Motion amended to include boat trailer and car parking as an option. Passed 3-2 with Smith and Dyer voting No.

15. Discussion and Possible Action on the Holden Beach Pavilion – Mayor Pro Tem Myers and Commissioner Paarfus  Motion to have Right Angle come and re-evaluate the pavilion for safety. In discussion, the concern of not being able to have the Summer Concerts was brought up.  Passed 3-2 with Smith and Dyer voting no.

16. Audit Committee Items – Town Clerk Finnell

a.     Discussion and Appointment of Commissioner to Serve on the Audit Committee Tom Myers appointed by acclamation.
b.     Discussion and Possible Selection of Members to Fill Vacancies on the Audit Committee Tim Throndson and Mary Vail Ware were appointed. 

17. Discussion and Possible Approval of Resolution 24-01, Resolution Approving Truist Signature Card – Town Manager Hewett  Passed unanimously.

18. Public Comments on General Items

·      Ryan Williams spoke with DOT and Wildlife and they mentioned road closures and foot traffic could be a problem near the Boat Ramp. 
·      Will Carter recommended concrete because it will last as opposed to wood.  Also thinks the pavilion could be stabilized with cables.
·      Marti Arrowood – East end needs many more trash cans.
·      Gina Martin – Concerned the Town Charter has been amended and is not on the Town website.  Town Clerk Finnell assured her it was.
·      Phil Caldwell – would like the Commissioners to be more sensitive to each other.
·      Laura Smith, Supply, NC – wants the pier opened because it hurts her business when closed.
·      John Pierce –  Wants a pier soon, either repaired or new.
·      Jeremy Ridenhour – Wants the pier fixed before hurricane season.

19. Town Manager’s Report
·      Recognized employees Carey Redwine (Building Level 1 Certification), Daniel McRainey (NC Government Finance Officer Certification), and Christy Ferguson (appointed to the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA) Governmental Affairs Committee.)
·      The Sewer Lift Station grants are still in process. The $2M appropriated by the state has been applied for.  The plan is to combine these funds with the EPA grant to cover the upfit cost of the station at Greensboro Street.
·      Corps CSRM Study state grants of $750,000 to cover portion of Town’s study have been applied for.  Along with pending federal Disaster Relief Act funding the Town may not need to contribute further.
·      The canal dredging in Harbor Acres is moving ahead.  With grants, the cost to the Harbor Acres Fund will be $86K.  He anticipates grant and bid acceptance at the meeting February 7th or 14th.
·      The meeting with the Corps about stormwater was postponed.  The plan is to ask for federal funds for the project.
·      The Ocean Blvd. resurfacing and bike lane project is moving ahead.  The contractor is wrapping up stormwater and mailbox relocations this week.  Heavy equipment is expected this week.  Still scheduled for Memorial Day completion.
·      The Town met with State Wildlife Commission about the Boat Ramp.  They are initiating a renovation with completion in possibly two years – the proposed changes are unknown. The Town Manager shared his concerns about the ramp use and parking and the impact of boat trailers/vehicles parking on the slope adjacent to the pavilion.  He also gave them a site visit of the County-owned property across the waterway as a candidate for a larger facility.
·      Tires were removed again by the Dept of Marine Fisheries.  He has concerns about the artificial reef shedding the tires and the impact on our sand resources.
20. Mayor’s Comments Thanks to Rick Green for his service. The Causeway plan is available for review.  This has nothing to do with HB, but County has asked if Town would like to make comments.  If formally requested the Town may need to respond. 

21. Board of Commissioners’ Comments
·      Commissioner Myers noted that insurance rates are proposed to increase and encouraged all to share their comments.  Mayor Holden sent a blast with the information. 
·      Commissioner Thomas noted that the League of Municipalities had many attorneys at the recent training.  She thanked all who volunteered for the Audit Committee. 
·      Commissioner Smith shared that the Pier won’t be ready this summer and Block Q also won’t happen.  He likes all the participation and appreciates staff. 
·      Commissioner Paarfus appreciates people coming, and offered congrats to staff.  He noted that serving on the Pier Committee will require a lot of time and effort. 
·      Commissioner Dyer appreciates the input and offered congratulations to staff.

  1. Adjournment

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