Holden Beach Property Owners Association

Representing the property owners of Holden Beach, NC

April Commissioner Meeting Follow Up


TUESDAY, APRIL 18, 2023 – 5:00 P.M.

1.    Invocation

2.    Call to Order/ Welcome

3.    Pledge of Allegiance

4.    Agenda Approval Approved as amended.  Amended to flip the order of #7 and #8 and added #13A. 

5.    Approval of Minutes Approved as written.
a.     Minutes of the Special Meeting of March 13, 2023
b.     Minutes of the Regular Meeting/Public Hearing of March 14, 2023
c.     Minutes of the Special Meeting of March 27, 2023

6.    Public Comments on Agenda Items Brent Shaver spoke on #15 trailered restrooms.  He would like to know when they would be used and for how long.
7.    Discussion and Possible Award of Contract for Roadway Work (Tide Ridge Drive, Pointe West Drive and Ranger Street) – Public Works Director Clemmons Approved unanimously for $126,000.

8.    Discussion and Possible Action on Agreement for Stormwater Management & Consulting Services between the Town and McGill Associates – Public Works Director Clemmons  Approved unanimously for $131,200 for a Stormwater Plan.

9.    Police Report – Chief Dixon Saw an increase in parking problems with people parking illegally – not paid parking.  They are down an officer on a long-term basis.  In the process of hiring another officer.  He reminded everyone about the laws and safety issues of Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs).

10. Inspections Department Report – Inspections Director Evans 358 total permits in process.  191 OBW has been condemned and he hopes to have it removed soon.  There are problems with floating docks in the canals.  Plans to set a pier head line with input from the Planning and Zoning Board.

11. Discussion and Possible Action on Sending a Potential Stormwater Management Percentage Increase to the Planning & Zoning Board for Review – Inspections Director Evans Currently impervious surface at 30%, proposing increase to 40%.  Some towns have a higher impervious percentage.  Approved unanimously to be sent to the Planning and Zoning Board.

12. Discussion and Possible Action on Facility Condition Inspection Checklist for Town-Owned Properties and Facilities – Inspections Director Evans The draft list has been created. 

13. Discussion and Possible Action on Parcourse Fitness Trail Area – Commissioner Murdock Approximately half of the course has been removed due to erosion.  The area has been delineated and a retaining wall could be added in a few months when the maps are verified. 

13A.  Water Resources Development Grant.  The Lockwood Folly Inlet is in a critically unsafe condition.  The Corps says they can’t dredge it.  The Town has a Shallow Draft Permit it can use and has contacted Dare County about using their Miss Katie dredge.  The cost would be $850,500. A state grant can be applied for that would cover 75% with $212,625 being our part.  Brunswick County could help with 25% local share.  Ordinance 23-09 was approved unanimously to move forward with the dredging.

14. Discussion and Possible Action on CAMA Contract for the Public Beach and Coastal Waterfront Access Grant (Hatteras Ramp and Access) – Assistant Town Manager Ferguson This is the matching grant for the Hatteras Ramp and ADA walkway at the Pier.  Approved unanimously.

     a.     Ordinance 23-08, An Ordinance Amending Ordinance 22-14, The Revenues and Appropriations Ordinance for Fiscal Year 2022 – 2023 (Amendment No. 14)

15. Discussion and Possible Action on Purchasing Trailer Bathrooms for Use on Town-Owned Properties – Commissioner Murdock Other beaches have nicer restrooms facilities.  Ours are “filthy and disgusting”.  These trailers would be hooked into the Town’s water and sewer system.  They are air conditioned and ADA compliant.  At a minimum these could be at the Pier and possibly the East End.  Motion to have Town procure at least one bathroom that can hook up to sewer and water for up to $100,000.  Carried unanimously.

 16. Discussion and Possible Action on Plan for 796 Ocean Boulevard West – Commissioner Dyer Would like to move forward in phases on the project with bathrooms, showers and handicapped facilities for this facility.  By agreement, they will discuss this during the budget workshop.

17. Discussion and Possible Action on Rooftop Lease Agreement between the Town and Dish Wireless – Public Works Director Clemmons  Motion to ask for $2000/month for one year for use of water tower mounting.  Unanimously approved.

18. Discussion and Possible Action on Process for Filling Vacant Commissioner Position – Commissioner Murdock Commissioner Murdock made a motion to fill the vacant seat.  There was no second, so no action taken.  Seat will apparently remain vacant until December after November elections. 

19. Discussion and Possible Action on Joining the North Carolina Cooperative Liquid Assets Securities System (North Carolina CLASS) – Finance Officer McRainey Approved unanimously.
a.     Resolution 23-08, Resolution to Participate in NC CLASS
b.     Joinder Agreement to Interlocal Agreement

20. Discussion on the Possibility of Having the HB Seal on All Town-Owned Vehicles Other Than Unmarked Police Cars – Mayor Pro Tem Smith Motion passed unanimously.

21. Public Comments on General Items

·      Ryan Pascal, Sailfish Dr.  Discussed the plan for the development of Sailfish Park.  He is concerned about traffic and other detriments.  Town plans to get responses at the Concerts, which is not representative.
·      Carol Moneypenny, Sailfish Dr. – Regarding Sailfish Park, she has lived in the area for a long time, neighbors want it to be left as it is.  Undesirable actions already occur at the park, there are no buffers between property owners and parking.  Drug and alcohol use is a problem.  There are no sidewalks on Sailfish.  Wants the area to be natural and preserved.
·      Rick McInturf  – item regarding #15 trailer bathrooms.  Consider leasing them and look for pre-attached ADA ramps.
·      Marty Arrowood thanked town staff for the Easter Egg Hunt.
·      Tom Myers, HBPOA President – Property owners on Sailfish are concerned about their properties.  Please give the opinions of Sailfish owners the weight they deserve.
·      Chad Hock – Works with internet surveys.  The Town’s survey is not accurate.  Send out a survey via the waterbill.  Have the rental agencies ask their actual renters to get a more accurate response. 
·      Rick Paarfus – would like to see the park stay natural.  A lot of the park is in the Corps easement and anything put there could be removed at any time.  The Park is currently meeting the community’s needs.  The Town has a lot of projects going on and this is not a must-do item. Also concerned about online surveys.  Regarding the canals, we are getting bigger boats.  His dock is permitted and he hopes it will not need to be changed.  On the inlet, it is unclear if Oak Island is helping pay for dredging or not.
·      Steve Moneypenny – leave the park as is.  It has been a wonderful park for many years.
·      Sandra Fidel – Safety is an issue.  Nighttime activity is already an issue.  Other things are on the Town’s plate.  The trailer bathrooms are a great idea.  Please leave Sailfish alone.
·      Brent Shaver – The park is good as it is, and enjoyed by old and young.  Sailfish park doesn’t need changes.
·      Debra Fish – Encouraged the Commissioners to understand what the beauty is on Sailfish.  People walk down the middle of street because there are no sidewalks.  Increased traffic will make it more dangerous.  Photographers take photos of the sunset.  Don’t want to see the traffic increase.  Need to look at the whole Parks and Rec study again because it was approved without much public attention due to Covid. 

22. Town Manager’s Report Budget workshop is Thursday, April 20 at 5:30pm.  Brunswick County is considering cutting off the sewer system if a storm surge is projected greater than 4’ – almost all our storms.  The new Bike path costs came in.  It will be an additional $100,000 for the Town’s portion.  Construction to start after Labor Day ‘23 and be finished by Memorial Day ’24.

23. Mayor’s Comments There are Hearing signs at Block Q that need to be removed. Budget Meeting is Thursday, he won’t be there.  Has had phone calls about Sailfish.  None in support.  The No Wake Zone around the bridge, it is already worse this year.  He asks the Town to follow up on placing buoys in the No Wake zone.  The Girl Scouts Bicycle Event was very positive.  Commissioner Smith and Chief Dixon went with him to the Hurricane conference. 

24. Board of Commissioners’ Comments
Commissioner Smith –  Drugs are becoming an issue everywhere.  He found drug paraphernalia at his neighbor’s home.   Would like the Sailfish Park to have a bathroom.  The Police have not had a problem reported there.  Signage is coming about hours.  Residents need to call 911 if people are there after hours.  He went to the Hurricane Conference.  Floating docks are an issue.  Days at the Docks is coming.

Commissioner Murdock – Has lived on Sailfish and knows the issues.  Keep Officer Conley in your prayers.  HBBC is going to host their Plant Sale at his business again (April 28 and 29).

Commissioner Dyer – Good to hear remarks.  Thanks to the staff on the inlet work and the Easter Egg Hunt.  She is looking forward to a safe summer.

Commissioner Arnold – He appreciates the natural areas.

Commissioner Smith – thanked the Merchants Association for the donated AEDs.

Mayor Holden – The Chapel is offering training on AEDs.  Contact Deneesa at the Chapel.

25. Closed Session Pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 143-318.11(a)(3), Consult with the Attorney – Mayor Pro Tem Smith

26. Adjournment


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