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August Commissioners’ Meeting Update

Board of Commissioners’ Meeting Follow Up August 2021



TUESDAY, AUGUST 17, 2021 – 5:00 P.M.

PUBLIC HEARING: Ordinance 21-24, An Ordinance Amending Holden Beach Code of Ordinances, Chapter 157: Zoning Code (Pools) No Comments.


1.    Invocation

2.   Call to Order/ Welcome

3.   Pledge of Allegiance

4.    Agenda Approval  Town Manager requested that in #19 Exec Session wording to be added to consult with the attorney.  Passed as amended.

5.    Approval of Minutes

a.     Minutes of the Special Meeting of July 8, 2021
b.     Minutes of the Special Meeting of July 20, 2021
c.     Minutes of the Regular Meeting of June 20, 2021 Changed to July 20. Corrections made to minutes regarding the selection of Parks and Rec members.  Approved as corrected.

6.   Public Comments on Agenda Items  No comments.

7.     Police Report – Chief Dixon  Some stolen bikes and tools this month.  There were 83 parking calls which generated 70 tickets.  Five fireworks tickets.  94 traffic stops yielded 49 state citations, with 62 charges.  Considering a Bicycle Patrol. Two bikes donated by City of Charlotte.  Would be used for races and festivals.  Labor Day is coming, expect no left turn off the bridge.  Also will be participating in Booze it and Lose it campaign.  Working with Highway Patrol on golf carts on the Causeway.  September 20-26 they will be participating in Child Safety Week.  It is peak hurricane season, be prepared!

8.   Discussion and Possible Action on Ordinance 21-24, An Ordinance Amending Holden Beach Code of Ordinances, Chapter 157: Zoning Code (Pools) – Inspections Director Evans  Staff supports the amendment to 157.060 (D)(7) and 157.061(D)(6) to prohibit pools in the front yard setback and the P&Z Board supported it unanimously.  Safety, parking and aesthetics were the main reasons.  Passed 4-1 with Sullivan voting NO, to be effective March 1, 2022.

9.    Discussion and Possible Approval of Ordinance 21-25, An Ordinance Amending Ordinance 20- 10, The Revenues and Appropriations Ordinance for Fiscal Year 2020 – 2021 (Amendment No. 21) – Town Manager Hewett  Change requested by auditor.  Passed unanimously.

10. Discussion and Possible Approval of Ordinance 21-26, An Ordinance Amending Ordinance 21- 13, The Revenues and Appropriations Ordinance for Fiscal Year 2021 – 2022 (Amendment No. 2) – Town Manager Hewett  Creates a sinking fund for the $27.7M loan for beach nourishment reimbursements. Passed unanimously.

11.  Discussion and Possible Approval of Martin Starnes Engagement Letter Addendum and Related Budget Adjustment – Town Manager Hewett Budget change to have the auditor brief the Audit Committee.  Passed unanimously.

12. Discussion and Possible Action on Revised System Development Fees – Town Manager Hewett No action taken.  The fees that were proposed are lower than the current fees.

13. Discussion and Possible Action on Staff’s Ranking of Parking Firms – Town Manager Hewett Otto Connect and Premium Parking were rated the highest of the bids. The Commissioners asked the Town Staff to come back with a recommendation.

14.  Parking Committee Status & Possible Action – Commissioner Kwiatkowski Town staff will determine what areas the Town currently owns, with number of spaces as well as other areas that could be converted to parking, including the Pier and Block Q (owned by Holden Beach Enterprises).  Passed unanimously.

15.  Discussion and Possible Action on Proposed Directive to Have the Police Chief Provide a Monthly Report on the Amount of Golf Cart Tickets Issued – Commissioner Smith After discussion, Chief Dixon will prepare the information monthly.

16.  Legal Opinion on School of Government Blog Related to Remote Meeting Participation Post- Covid Emergency and Discussion and Action on Streaming Meetings until the State of Emergency is Officially Closed – Commissioner Kwiatkowski Commissioner Kwiatkowski made a motion to go back to broadcasting the meeting audio during the state of emergency.  That would also allow the Commissioners to participate remotely.  Passed unanimously.

17. Discussion and Possible Approval of Resolution 21-12, Resolution Authoring the Negotiation of One or More Installment Financing Contracts and Providing for Certain Other Related Matters Thereto – Assistant Town Manager Ferguson  This is for the loan of $8.5M.  It would cover $5.2M for sewer lift stations #3 and #4 and $3.3M to purchase the pier.  Passed unanimously.  Commissioner Kwiatkowski pointed out that the resolution says no tax increase is anticipated, but if needed would not be excessive, and she is not sure that is correct.  However, the Town Manager confirmed that an assessment could be charged to all property owners – which would not be a tax since an assessment is a one-time fee charged to all property owners not based on the property’s value. A public hearing on the loan will be held September 21.

18. Holden Beach Promotional Video – Assistant Town Manager Ferguson The video was previewed for the Commissioners.  The video and the still images are to be used for promotional purposes.

19. Executive Session Pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 143-318.11(A)(5), To Instruct the Staff or Agent Concerning the Negotiation of the Price and Terms of Contracts Concerning the Acquisition of Real Property – Commissioners Murdock, Sullivan, Kwiatkowski and Smith Moved this item to end of meeting.  Voted to add Ordinance 21-27 to the agenda. The ordinance allocates $25,000 for the inspection of the pier structure and the pier building using the American Society of Civil Engineer, ASCE guidelines.

20. Public Comments on General Items No comments.

21.  Town Manager’s Report There is a new tide gauge on the Transient Dock.  The Merritt is working in the inlet; it should be to the 8’ depth by the end of August.  There will be a signing ceremony with the Corps for the Federal Project Partnership in the coming weeks.  The East End Project to put sand on the East End beach this winter is being bid for 100K cubic yards but there may be a way to up that to 200K cubic yards.  Seagull Street paving is progressing; the survey has been completed.  The Town’s population has increased to 675 from 575 per the Census.  The wholesale water contract with the County has been signed.  Summer is winding down, there are three more concerts and Tide Dye has completed for the year.  Next up is Hurricane Season.  Be prepared, get your decals.

22. Mayor’s Comments Complimented the staff.  It is hurricane season, be ready.  The cost for the inlet dredging for all parties is $1M/year (not just the Town).  Boats in the ICW are not following the No Wake Zone which runs approximately from Yacht Watch to LouLou’s Restaurant; the Mayor is concerned that someone will be injured.  The sunken shrimp boat near the bridge has been removed. Several parcels of property near the bridge are for sale.  Captain Pete’s/Dock House is for sale as well as the large tracts owned by Holden Beach Enterprises.

23. Board of Commissioners’ Comments  Commissioner Brown had no comments. Commissioner Smith thanked the staff for their work on the parking proposals, the summer programs, the PD’s right-turn-only on Saturdays, and the enforcement of golf cart rules.  Commissioner Murdock is also glad to have the shrimp boat removed; he noted that the property there was also under contract.  Commissioner Sullivan would like input from citizens.  Commissioner Kwiatkowski thanked Chris in Public Works for attending to potholes; she reminded everyone that there are big issues being decided and they need to hear from the public; silence is consent.

24. Adjournment

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