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July Board of Commissioners and Pier Update

The Town of Holden Beach Board of Commissioners will meet Tuesday, July 20 at 4:45 pm for a Special Meeting to interview candidates for advisory board vacancies and at 5:00 pm for their regular monthly meeting.  Highlights include possible action on paid parking proposals, further discussion and possible action on golf carts, and more information on the Pier purchase.  Click here for the agenda and meeting packet.

Pier Purchase

After the July 8 Public Hearing, the Commissioners unanimously voted to submit a written offer of $3,250,000 for the parcel containing the Pier and the Pier Building as well as the parcel immediately to the west.  The purchase does not include the campground or the area where the motel was.  Commissioner Sullivan emphasized that this will start the due diligence period.  The meeting agenda below includes Budget Amendment 21-21 to take a $3,000,000 loan and pay $259,000 from the BPART Fund, which includes $9000 for a commercial appraisal.

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