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April Commissioners’ Meeting Update


HBPOA Members,

The audio of the meeting is posted to the Town’s YouTube page.



1.  Invocation

2.  Call to Order/ Welcome

3.  Pledge of Allegiance

4.  Agenda Approval  Agenda approved.

5.  Approval of Minutes All approved.

a.  Minutes of the Special Meeting of March 11, 2020 b.  Minutes of the Regular Meeting of March 17, 2020

6.  Public Comments on Agenda/General Items  Three comments were submitted and all will be posted to Town’s website.  Pat Crews asked to open the beach up.  Dean and Tracey Thomas thanked the Town for opening the strand.  Irv Woods discussed the importance of allowing rentals.

7.  Quarterly Financial Update – Town Manager Hewett  The Town is in good financial shape at this time. 

8.  Report on Town Hall Generator Directive – Town Manager Hewett  Building Inspector Tim Evans deemed Town Hall a critical facility but after talking to other engineers determined the generator recommended was overkill.  The cost should be about half.  The Town Manager will bring the bids back to the Board.  Read the memo from Inspector Evans here.

9.  Discussion and Possible Approval of Ordinance 20-09, An Ordinance Amending Ordinance 19-10, The Revenues and Appropriations Ordinance for Fiscal Year 2019 – 2020 (Amendment No. 12) – Assistant Town Manager Ferguson  Approved unanimously.

10. Discussion and Possible Approval of Resolution 20-03, Designation of Applicant’s Agent (4487-DR- NC, COVID-19) – Assistant Town Manager Ferguson  Approved unanimously.

11. Discussion and Possible Ratification of Decisions Made by Staff Concerning Paid Sick Leave and Expanded Family and Medical Leave Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act – Town Clerk Finnell  Approved unanimously.

12. Town Manager’s Report  The state has tabled the Inlet Hazard Area issue, for now, the next meeting will be in June.  The Town has re-hired PD officer Brandon Dosher to fill John Duncan’s spot.  Daniel McRainey has been hired as a financial analyst.  The audit is underway.  Staff is working on the budget.  The work on the sewer lift station is ongoing.  Paving of Brunswick Ave. is still on schedule to start April 27.  The Lockwood Folly Inlet Crossing project has been completed and fence and vegetation were starting today.  The annual beach monitoring survey is in process.  The FEMA projects are ongoing and we have added a new FEMA project, COVID-19.

13. Mayor’s Comments  Mayor Holden thanked the citizens, residents, and staff for their patience.  The hotspots in NC are expected to peak in a few weeks.  He is listening to guidance from Raleigh.

14. Board of Commissioners’ CommentsCommissioner Brown understands the needs of opening up but is focused on safety and feels they are here to serve the good of the people.  Commissioner Tyner thanked the staff and has received a lot of input.  Commissioner Murdock has also received a lot of input on the issues.  He thanked the Mayor and the staff.  Commissioner Sullivan also thanked the staff and pointed out that people having financial difficulties will not have the water turned off if they can’t pay the bill.   Commissioner Kwiatkowski echoed earlier speakers and appreciates everyone’s patience.

15. Executive  Session  Pursuant  to  N.C.G.S.  143-318.11(A)(6)  to  Discuss a  Personnel  Matter  –

Commissioner Kwiatkowski  No action taken.

16. Adjournment

* Due to the Town of Holden Beach’s State of Emergency Restrictions and Governor Cooper’s Stay at Home Order, in person public attendance is prohibited. The meeting will be livestreamed on the Town’s Facebook page. Visit https://www.facebook.com/holdenbeachtownhall/ to watch the livestream. Public comments can be submitted to heather@hbtownhall.com or deposited in the Town’s drop box at Town Hall prior to 6:00 p.m. on April 21, 2020.

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