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January Commissioners’ Meeting | January Commissioners’ Meeting – Holden Beach Property Owners Association

Holden Beach Property Owners Association

Representing the property owners of Holden Beach, NC

January Commissioners’ Meeting

Board of Commissioners’ Meeting Follow Up

The Holden Beach Board of Commissioners met January 21. A brief summary of the meeting is below or click here to listen to the audio of the meeting.  You can review the accompanying meeting information by clicking here.




TUESDAY, JANUARY 21, 2020 – 7:00P.M.

1.  Invocation

2.  Call to Order/ Welcome

3.  Pledge of Allegiance

4.  Agenda Approval Removed items #15 and #16, added a new #15 about Inlet Hazard Areas. Approved unanimously.

5.  Approval of Minutes

a.  Minutes of the Regular Meeting of December 17, 2019 Approved unanimously.

6.  Public Comments on Agenda Items  John David Plumridge spoke in favor of keeping OBW at 35MPH year-round.

7.  Discussion and Possible Award of Contract for Vacuum Sewer System #3 Upgrade – Green Engineering (Public Works Director Clemmons)

a.  Ordinance 20-01, An Ordinance Amending Ordinance 19-10, The Revenues and Appropriations Ordinance for Fiscal Year 2019 – 2020 (Amendment No. 7) Approved contract and budget amendment unanimously.

8.  Police Report – Chief Jeremy Dixon Not a lot of crime going on.  Still working on the car break-ins on the East End.  The cars were not locked.  He advises everyone to lock their car and winterize your home as needed.

9.  Discussion and Election of Chairman to the Audit Committee – Town Clerk Finnell  Commission Tyner was elected.

10. Discussion and Selection of Audit Committee Members – Town Clerk Finnell  Tony Chavonne, Mark Fleischhauer, Jeff Tansill, and Jeannine Richman were elected to the Board.

11. Discussion and Possible Nomination of Member to Fill Alternate Member Vacancy on the Planning & Zoning Board – Town Clerk Finnell  Stuart Atwell was selected to serve.

12. Discussion and Direction on the 2020 Draft of Suggested Rules of Procedure for the Town of Holden Beach Board of Commissioners – Commissioner Kwiatkowski  Postponed until next month.

13. Discussion and Possible Action on Directive for the Town of Holden Beach Board of Commissioners’ Requests to Advisory Boards or Committees – Commissioner Kwiatkowski

a.  Resolution 20-01, Resolution of the Town of Holden Beach, North Carolina Concerning the Process and Format for Board of Commissioners’ Requests for Recommendations from Advisory Boards/Committees and the Recommendations Received  Approved unanimously.

14. Discussion and Possible Action on a More Formal Procedure for the Board of Commissioners’ Requests for Actions to the Town Manager or Town Attorney – Commissioner Kwiatkowski Agreed unanimously by consensus.

15. Discussion and  Possible  Action on  Ordinance for  Maximum House  Size  Construction  –  Attorney Carpenter Removed from the agenda.

15.  Inlet Hazard Area discussion and possible action.  Commissioner Sullivan made a motion to have the Town prepare a response in opposition to the proposed IHA changes.  Approved unanimously.

16. Discussion on Revising, Section 72.02 (K) Parking Regulated on Public Streets and Rights-of-Way – Commissioner Sullivan Removed from agenda.

17. Discussion Pertaining to the Speed Limit on Ocean Boulevard – Commissioner Sullivan Postponed until next month.

18. Discussion and Possible Action on Classification and Pay Study and the Updated Personnel Policy Created by the Management & Personnel Services Group – Commissioner Kwiatkowski

a.  Class specifications

b.  Pay Plan

c.   Implementation of Option I

d.  Ordinance 20-02, An Ordinance Amending Ordinance 19-10, The Revenues and Appropriations Ordinance for Fiscal Year 2019 – 2020 (Amendment No. 8)

e.  Personnel Policy

Approved items “a” through “d” unanimously. Approved item “e” with Commissioner Kwiatkowski’s changes unanimously.

19. Discussion and Possible Action on Poyner Spruill Contract – Assistant Town Manager Ferguson

a.  Ordinance 20-03, An Ordinance Amending Ordinance 19-10, The Revenues and Appropriations Ordinance for Fiscal Year 2019 – 2020 (Amendment No. 9)  Approved unanimously.

20. Year-to-Date Financial Report – Commissioner Tyner Approved unanimously to have Town Manager prepare a quarterly report.

21. Discussion and Possible Action on Setting Board Objectives for the 2020 Calendar Year – Commissioner Kwiatkowski Commissioners will send availability to Town Clerk, Approved unanimously.

22. Discussion and Possible Action to Start the Process to Determine the Town’s Future Use of the Recently Acquired 796 Ocean Boulevard West Property – Commissioner Kwiatkowski  Commissioner Kwiatkowski will bring something next month.

23. Town Manager’s Report  FEMA reimbursement for Florence and Michael has been awarded – $24M, the Dorian estimate went from $4M to $12M based on the surveys requested by FEMA.  ATM is still working on the Sand Search.  Explained though they had planned to bring back the dog park, its primary function is still as a disaster site and a lay-down yard for Public Works.  The Lockwood Folly dredging is moving ahead with sand placement as far as Bendigo and three more weeks of work.  400 Christmas trees were placed to supplement sand fencing with thanks to Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Steve Mercer of Coastal Transplants and Mike Pearson of the Inlet and Beach Protection Board.  Brunswick Ave. West paving bid package will go out next week and hope to approve a contract at the February meeting, with work to be done between Easter and Memorial Day.  The Town Hall generator went out last fall and they have been using a rental since then.  The rental was returned and he plans to bring a budget amendment for a new one to the February or March meeting.  The CAMA access at 289 OBW is complete.  The Chapel is undergoing renovations and meetings may be moved to Town Hall.  Run HB was last weekend, over 700 people finished the races.  There were some traffic issues that they will address for next year. The Town’s birthday is February 14 and there will be a social at noon with the closing of the Time Capsule.

24. Mayor’s Comments (Absent from meeting)

25. Board of Commissioners’ Comments  Commissioner Brown thinks the money for Poyner-Spruill is well-spent.  He has had several calls about the Dog Park and he is looking for options.  He discussed speeding and the use of golf carts.  Commissioner Tyner discussed the Dog Park and the speed limit.  He went through the Town’s orientation.  Lobbying takes time and wants the Poyner Spruill contract to play out.  Commissioner Murdock encouraged everyone to look at the IHA maps.  He recognizes that they approved a lot of additional expenses tonight and realizes that the Town will have to come up with additional funds.  Commissioner Sullivan encouraged everyone to send comments on the IHA issue.  Also, he would like people to contact him prior to voting instead of after decisions have been made.  He encouraged everyone to go to the Town’s social events.  Commissioner Kwiatkowski encouraged everyone to send in comments about the IHA changes with why they don’t like it.  She commented that she would not be “hijacking” future meetings.

26. Public Comments on General Items  Dolly Mitchell spoke in favor of lowering the speed limit to 35MPH.  Jeff Hodges spoke in favor of a new Dog Park.  The old one could have pollutants and be off-gassing.  He also asked the BOC to add the item to their next agenda.  Suzanne Council spoke in favor of creating a temporary dog Park until a replacement can be established. Dawn Bently likes the Town’s YouTube recordings and appreciates the Town’s consistency over time.  Larry Craig spoke in favor of a crosswalk near the main parking area on the island.  Laura Throckmartin spoke in favor creating a new Dog Park and a temporary one until a final can be established.  She feels walking the sidewalks at night with dogs is unsafe when sharing with bikers. Catherine Gardner spoke in favor of a Dog Park and also keeping the 35MPH speed limit all year.  Construction workers are already greatly exceeding the limits.

27. Adjournment at 9:15PM

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