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Representing the property owners of Holden Beach, NC

The 2019 HBPOA Survey is LIVE!


Take the survey!HBPOA has again developed a short, anonymous survey on issues facing our community.

Check your mailbox!  The Fall 2019 HBPOA Newsletter is out!  This newsletter was mailed to ALL property owners on Holden Beach and includes the password to access the 2019 survey.  The survey is anonymous, quick to take, and covers current and perennial issues on our island.  If you don’t receive the newsletter, email us and we will send you the password because everyone’s voice counts!  The survey results will be published on the HBPOA website prior to Candidates Night, October 18.  The information from the survey will also be provided to the BOC Candidates and the community at-large.

In order to help protect the integrity of the survey, we have password-protected the web page with the survey link.  It is our hope that only property owners and residents will take the survey since these are the people who have the greatest stake in the future of Holden Beach.



  1. Please email password & survey link. Board of Commissioners are failing the people over spending on raises audit price was a scam and from one meeting to the next everyone but Allan Holden developed amnesia about being on a watch list as a reason to pay over twice the price necessary. I am now officially disappointed in our town manager. He lost his backbone at the meeting he got another 3% raise. Property owners who have been here 30-40 years and built & paid for this beautiful place are being priced out with taxes by these carpet baggers. We are mad as blank and want them out. The need to move to the Isles of Something Rich and leave us alone. Sick of parking tickets, no parking 2-5 get out and go to the rich gated island you want. Blue collar people off the island have just as much right to this beach and parking as the snobs on WEST end if not more. Our family has paid dearly with Blue Collar dollars for 50 years to own a home on this island & those off the island.
    Now those dollars are not good enough for these wretched high brows who cannot stand the sight of garbage cans & lumber built tote holders. My how we have gotten above John Holden Vision about his beloved little middle class island. Glad he can see the mess now or the arrogance of the carpetbagging going on.
    Missing Captain Holden

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