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Commissioners’ June Meeting Agenda


The Town of Holden Beach Board of Commissioners will meet on Tuesday, June 18 for their regular monthly meeting.  Highlights include adoption of the 2019-20 Budget and approval of the 2017-18 Annual Audit.

In order to achieve the revenue-neutral tax rate for next year as directed by the Commissioners at their last meeting, the Town Manager reduced budgeted expenditures by $222,146 and increased budgeted revenues by $40,385 as compared to the amounts shown in the Budget Message.  The proposed budget still includes the $1,777,967 of fund balance appropriations from the Water & Sewer Fund, and $316,559 of fund balance appropriations from the BPART Fund as were shown in the Budget Message.

Please note that the Public Meeting being held just prior to the Regular Meeting will be your last opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed budget prior to it being voted on during the Regular Meeting.

Click here for the meeting agenda and packet.

Click here for the draft audit.

Click here for the Budget Message.


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