Holden Beach Property Owners Association

Representing the property owners of Holden Beach, NC

January Board of Commissioners’ Regular and Special Meetings


The Town of Holden Beach Board of Commissioners will meet Tuesday, January 16 for their regular monthly meeting.  Highlights include possible action on parking and establishing an Inlet and Beach Protection Board.  

In addition, there is also a Special Meeting scheduled for January 16.  This meeting is a budget workshop and to discuss beach protection and environmental issues with the Town’s legal advisor.

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As always, you can drop us an email at hbpoa@hotmail.com if you would like for us to ask a question or speak on your behalf at the meeting.  


  1. We need to receive actual photos of Beach Vitex on Holden Beach. Online pics vary greatly and the size is too variable. We can clear it out if we know what it is and how to dispose of it.

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