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Central Reach Project Continues West of the Pier


We hope everyone is receiving the daily updates on the Central Reach Renourishment Project from the Town.  We wanted to share a few photos of what the project looks like from above.  This project is placing 1,300,000 cubic yards of beach quality sand from 240 OBE to 781 OBW, a total of over four miles.  The cost is approximately $15 million, paid for with BPART funds and increased property taxes for paying off 10-year Special Obligation Bonds.

In addition, at their last meeting, the Board of Commissioners approved the “Eastern Reach” project to place an additional 120,000 cubic yards of sand dredged from the Lockwood Folly Inlet on the east end from 240 OBE (where the Central Reach Project started), to Amazing Grace (the last oceanfront home on the east end of the island.  The cost to the Town will be only $76,000 for these 120,000 cubic yards of sand.

Combined, these two projects will renourish the beach strand from the east end to 781 OBW – basically, the entire length of the island that was in need of sand. Both of these projects will be complete this spring, so we will have a fantastic beach strand this summer! 



  1. they did not start at Amazing Grace but Sand Dollar

  2. Ellen,

    The Central Reach project started at 240 OBE. They are currently using an offshore pipe in the vicinty of Sand Dollar to pump sand from the dredge boat to the beach. They are working eastward from there to connect up with where they stopped when their previous offshore pipe was just east of the pier. They will soon head west again to complete the project.

    The Eastern Reach project started at Amazing Grace and is going westward to 240 OBE (where the Central Reach project started). We will be posting some pictures of this project very soon.

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