Holden Beach Property Owners Association

Representing the property owners of Holden Beach, NC

Communications Committee

Chair:  Marlene Hahn

The Communications Committee is responsible for getting information to our Members.  This includes:

  • Sending emails via Constant Contact (our bulk email manager)
  • Maintaining the website
  • Creating and distributing our Newsletter
  • Monitoring and responding to incoming emails
  • Creating and maintaining our social media presence on Facebook
  • Other communications with Members as needed

The committee mailed a newsletter and survey invitations to every property owner on Holden Beach using the Town’s tax bill address listing.  The survey was online and behind a password protected website page to to help insure the integrity of the data.  The goals was to hear from actual property owners and minimize sharing over social media other methods.

To see the results from the survey as of 9-25-15 click here.

Other recent special projects for the committee include a Communications Questionnaire mailed to members with the notice of the changed meeting date.  The information was used to update the membership database and Constant Contact as well make sure that everyone is receiving the information the way that works best for them.  Upcoming projects include website enhancements and a newsletter.

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