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It’s Hurricane Season, Do You Know Where Your Stickers Are?


One of the major problems and lessons learned from Hurricane Matthew was that many property owners did not have their hurricane stickers, and were therefore not allowed onto the island to check on their property.  In response to this problem, the Town Manager decided to reduce the number of stickers mailed from four to two.  The reason stated was that this would force property owners to be more careful with the stickers they receive in the mail.

This year, the stickers were mailed with your March water bill, which you would have received in April.  If you do not receive the water bills for your property, or if you have automatic payment and threw your bill away without opening it, you might not currently have your stickers.  In this case, now is the time to request stickers from the Town so that you will be allowed back on the island following an evacuation. Please visit the Emergency Info tab on the Town’s website,  www.hbtownhall.com for more information.

If you need more than two stickers:  Currently, the first two stickers are free and the next two are $10 each.  The Commissioners voted at the May meeting to make all four stickers free.  They will have to vote at this month’s meeting (June 20th) to amend the Fee Schedule for that to take effect.  You will still need to request the second two this year.

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